House keeping Personnel
The holiday retreat has in house Personnel that provides room service, cooking and cleaning of the premises.

In house cooking
A feel at home offer to our guests, meals may be served virtually at costs. The costs are solely for the supplies and ingredients which the cook (if available in your villa) needs to buy in order to prepare your meals and beverages. It is possible to shop for ingredients yourself, but you can also leave this up to the staff. You can simply mention this upon booking your villa. Generally the cooks are excellent in preparing Goan meals, but also have (limited) knowledge of Western / Continental food, they will be ever willing to assist you in the kitchen so. Lunch will be served between 1.00 PM and 1.30 PM. Dinner will be served between 8.00 PM and 9.00 PM. (a small extra charge for the cook). Please call to check availability to avoid disappointment.

Barbeque stand is available at the Villa Nina ( 3 bedroom ) your in house personnel will be ever willing to assist you in the cooking, kindly remember, early morning at 6 AM the same staff waters the plants and does other chores so he needs to be released latest by 10 PM to rest for the night. You are welcome to continue the party quietly ………….. Please do not disturb your neighbors.

No alcoholic drinks are provided by us, however you are permitted to bring your own drinks, mixes will be provided at extra costs.

Loud Music
The local laws do not permit loud music after 9.00 PM. (There are temples in the vicinity and local sentiments need to be respected.) Loud music is strictly not tolerated as good relationship with the neighborhood is priority.


Additional Facilities
We shall source out the below mentioned services at the request of the clients, however we do not take responsibility of the services sourced out as we do not have direct control over them.

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